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Pomeranian New Puppy Information.

Pomeranian Dog Health: Canine safety is like child safety because both are exploring their surroundings and discovering life.

Puppy Information Written by Mary Rosenbaum

Flowers that make dogs very sick There are several things that you should be aware of with a new family member:

  • We feed Eukanuba small breed puppy and usually feed 4 times a day until the pup is at least 5 months old. Then we cut back to 2 meals a day. We sometimes add a 1/2 teaspoon of cottage cheese and this has to be done gradually, not immediately after you get them.
  • If you have a dog food you like, we suggest that you mix sparingly for several weeks with Eukanuba, otherwise a pup can have diarrhea from any sudden food change. We recommend that you make no food changes within the first 2 weeks after you receive your pup. These guys are little and it is best to avoid problems rather than to try and fix them after they happen. Sometimes even the veterinarian can’t turn a problem around as small pups can go down fast.
  • We also suggest you read our article on hyperglycemia on our website How to treat hypolglycemia. . This problem can be caused by sudden food changes or stress to a small pup and even a change in drinking water can cause an upset stomach. Good common sense is the way to avoid problems - these are little guys, and I consider young pups as babies, so treat them as such.
  • Until your pup is at least 5 months old we recommend not taking it out to parks, dog events or let other people, not from your household, handle the pup until it has had all its vaccines. One or two vaccines are not enough for safety. Protection is the recommended course until the pup has built up its own immune system. The vaccine we use is a combination of Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Para influenza and Parvovirus. We don’t give Rabies unless we ship a Pomeranian out of our state, or plan to cross state lines going to shows. Other vaccines we do not use are Corona, Leptospirosis, Lyme, Bordatella and Giardia. The vaccine protocol of Dr. Jean Dobbs is also on our website Vaccine Protocol by Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM so please read it.>
  • Small children should be supervised when handling a small pup. We recommend that they sit on the floor to eliminate the chance of dropping a small puppy while playing with it. Children soon forget that they can step on a pup, fall on one that gets under their feet, etc. If you haven’t paid a big veterinarian bill, you will, if a pup should break a bone or even survive from an accident. We don’t recommend a Pomeranian as a pet for a small child – instead we recommend a larger breed puppy for homes with small children.
  • We do not recommend taking a small pup before 6 months old and crating them at anytime. Our pups are put in exercise pens and we keep food and water in front of them at all times. We have always believed that excessive crating can cause patella and hip problems. The only time any of our Pomeranians are crated is when they are in the car going to shows or to the veterinarian for their safety. They are taken out daily in our living room and socialized.
  • We also do not allow our Pomeranians, regardless of age, to run up and down stairs continually or jump off furniture or anything that is high. We have found that the toy breeds are really bad about jumping up and down on their back legs when they get excited and we try to discourage this. These little guys have really small bones so take precautions to not let them repeatedly do this and ruin their patellas.
  • Another issue I need to mention is to be careful of feeding large pieces of bait or food of any kind, because they will try to gobble it down. I had my BIS Ch. Sundance Kid choke on a piece of cheese and collapse on his side from suffocation when he couldn’t breathe. Thank heavens I was there to dislodge it or he would have died.
  • We also suggest that you get your pup to start following you for small bits of string cheese, being careful they get only a very small piece. If you do this is will be easier to teach them to lead later on. Never drag a pup as this can cause leg injury. Make sure everything you teach them is something they enjoy. I find mine will do anything for cheese.
  • If you are planning to show your pup, remember you can’t enter an AKC show until your pup is at least 6 months old. Handling classes are good but also remember dogs of all ages and size will be entered there. You have a very small toy breed dog and another larger and aggressive dog can easily kill your little guy. Quite a few deaths and accidents happen this way at dog shows.
  • If you decide on a handling class, it is always a good idea to see if they have separate classes for the toy breeds. If not, stay apart from the larger breed dogs being shown. Stay to the back of the class and leave enough room between your dog and the dog in front of you.
  • I also believe you can take the sparkle out of showing by doing something so repetitious that the Pomeranian will find it boring and tiresome. I want sparkle in my show dogs; they are not to be shown as robots. I can live with a few mistakes in the show ring as long as my Pomeranians show with life and style. I point out that at 8 years old my BIS Ch. Bi-Mar’s Sundance Kid, breeder-owner-handled, took his final Best in Show. He showed his heart out to beat many younger dogs - quite an accomplishment (in fact there was not another dog entered in this show older than Sunny). He was a ham and always showed his stuff when he was in the ring. You can’t buy this attitude, these Pomeranians are born with it and you just keep molding it along the way without dimming the sprit that makes them so special.